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Torn Apart - James Patterson

Torn Apart - James Patterson

This book was amazing! I enjoyed it so much that I have passed it on to a friend at work who has said exactly the same - and she is only a quarter of the way through it.


It tells the story of Cory and his battle with Tourettes Syndrome. This is very close to my heart as I have a family member who suffers with this, so for me this was informative whilst being utterly heartbreaking! It is a truthful account of emotions, difficulties, barriers and challenges. It is also the story of family and what can be achieved through sheer determination, love and support.


The book is written in very easy to read language (even with the medical jargon thrown in). The chapters are short, meaning that before you know it you are already half way through! There were times when I had a lump in my throat, thinking about the suffering that this young man went through at many different points in his life.


I would urge everyone to read this book, whether you know someone with Tourettes - or not! I think the world needs to know more about this condition, as it is not yet fully understand - awareness needs to be raised!


It is a quick read, heartbreaking yet wonderful. Read it!