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Is it just me? - Miranda Hart | Review

Is It Just Me? - Miranda Hart

“I have written the only diet book that I believe needs to exist, and here it is: CHAPTER ONE: Eat a bit less. CHAPTER TWO: Move about a bit more. THE END.”


I really enjoyed this book. I love Miranda - having watched all her series and laughed uncontrollably at each and every episode.


The book is split into 18 chapters such as Technology, Music and Dieting. All the way through she uses some of her well known phrases - addressing us all as 'Dear Reader Chums'. I definitely laughed out loud at some of Miranda's thoughts and anecdotes.


It is a light-hearted read in which Miranda talks to her younger self, depicting life in a then and now sort of manner. It gives you small snippets of her life and details many unfortunate social situations that she has found herself in - some of these had me cringing in my seat! It is written in a chatty, informal way which I enjoyed.


I would have liked to have learnt a little more about her, and the moral message of 'Be yourself rather than what you're supposed to be' got a bit tiring towards the end.


Overall, a fab, light-hearted holiday read for any Miranda fans out there!