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The Sea Sisters - Lucy Clarke

The Sea Sisters - Lucy Clarke

'People go travelling for two reasons: because they are searching for something, or they are running from something.'


Lucy Clarke's debut novel (US version - Swimming at Night) follows the story of two sisters, Mia & Katie Greene. When Mia is found dead on her travels in Bali, Katie - armed with Mia's travel journal - goes on a search of self-discovery. 


I enjoyed this book although there were a few elements that bought the rating down for me. Firstly I enjoyed the use of multiple narrative. The story is told in alternating chapters from both Katie and Mia's perspective - this made me feel like I was getting the full picture. It also helped develop the characters well. The action got better towards the end of the novel, I felt like I was finally being provided with more answers - much like Katie. The relationship and connection between sisters was also very well written, true to life and the underpinning of the book.


I felt like I wanted more from the travel side of the novel. Katie goes on a journey to lots of wonderful places, yet I felt like the author didn't really use this element to its full potential. It had so much promise, yet I felt it was lacking something. There were also parts which I had worked out what was going to happen before they happened. This may have been inevitable knowing the storyline and through getting to know the characters as the story evolved.The ending was a slight surprise, something I wasn't fully expecting.


Overall, this novel is an easy read. Although dealing with a dark area, it is very well-written. Each part of the story flows well into the next. If you want a book that is easy to read with a little bit of romance, self-discovery and a somewhat happy ending, definitely give this book a go!